Permanent affiliation to Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Recognized Research centre for Ph.D.
Training details organized in Department of Biotechnology

College of Life Sciences, Gwalior

Molecular Biology Training Experiments

• Reagents preparation for DNA isolation
• DNA isolation from plant material
• DNA isolation from human cells
• DNA isolation from bacterial cell
• Agarose gel electrophoresis

Immunology Training Experiments

• Phosphate buffer saline solution preparation
• Serum separation from blood
• Immunoglobulin G isolation serum
• Purification of IgG by column chromatography
• Protein estimation by Folin Lowry method

RDT Training Experiments

• Reagents preparation for plasmid DNA isolation
• Plasmid DNA isolation
• Competent cell preparation
• Cell Transformation
• Verification of transformants

Protein Profiling Training

• Preparation of buffer
• Preparation of column
• Gel filtration chromatography
• Protein estimation by Lowry’s method
• Western blotting

Enzyme Purification Training

• Preparation of crude extract
• Ammonium sulphate precipitation
• Dialysis
• Purification by column chromatography
• Enzyme and protein quantitative estimation by Nessler’s and Lowry’s method respectively
• Enzyme immobilization by Sodium alginate

Plant Tissue Culture Training

• PTC media preparation (stock solution and working solution)
• Surface sterilization
• Callus induction from various plant parts

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